Documentary Workshop and Service Initiative

Speak Up Workshop 2019:

Coastal women from the Mijikenda community participated in a documentary workshop learning to tell their stories about violence extremism. This documentary workshop was supported by COEC (Coast Education Center) and the “Women Against Violent Extremism Phase II”, USAID, the Speak Trauma Foundation and the American University of Sharjah.

Historically, the Mijikenda trace their tribal origins to southern Somalia. After numerous migrations due to violence from outside tribal groups and colonialization they eventually settled along the coastal regions where they continued agricultural subsistence. The Mijikenda have close association with Persian, Arab and Portuguese traders who frequented the coastal regions for trade. These interactions and intermarriage with Arabs created the Swahili culture and language. In recent years the violence between Kenya and Somalia has escalated due to Al-Shabaab Al Mujahedeen, (roughly translating to the youth or the guys), a jihadist fundamentalist group based in East Africa. This movement has had significant traumatic influence among rural communities where many of our Mijikenda workshop participants reside.

The identities of the women creating the workshop videos are protected. English translations will be provided soon.

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