Speak UP: Open Mic Events


  • Open Mic Events inspire those experiencing a profound connection to homeland to share their stories through performance whether that be spoken word, poetry, dancing and/ or singing. We hope to raise awareness and bring about healing through sharing by Speaking Up. We have sponsored 4 events in the UAE and Amman, Jordan.
  • One of our Open Mic Events collaborated with Blank Space in Dubai. The performances expressed thoughts about homeland, identity loss, belonging and trauma.

Watch videos here!


    Watani (Homeland) Documentary Workshops:

There are many reasons people leave home, economic, political and some for adventure. But what if you, your parents or grandparents fled their homeland because of violence or civil unrest? Being forced to leave your homeland is traumatic and can cause you to suffer grief. This grieving is caused by losing language dialect, culture identity, friends, family, religion and much more. Watani Workshops inspire migrants/refugees who left their homeland to take the first step towards healing through participation in speaking up through documentary workshops.