Madaline handed the book to Edgard.

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Edgard founded the “Hands on Human Rights” project and is a member of the Bar Association of Brazil, Group 11 of Amnesty International USA and an official volunteer for the New York Cares organization. Edgard began his humanitarian and welfare journey in 2002 by developing a social project in school, with friends, aimed at replacing asbestos roofs in Sao Paolo.


In 2013, he gathered a team of lawyers to volunteer their time and efforts to ensure the protection of protesters who participated in Sao Paolo’s “Manifestations of June 2013”

2015 marked the birth of “Hands on Human Rights” which aims to safeguard the lives of refugees from countries such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan Iran, Pakistan, Kurdistan, Somalia, and others.

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Edgard in Greece working with Syrian Refugees.

Ed e Sirio Teenager



People in my country of Brazil have a negative stereotype of people from the Middle East region, so I want to show them the truth.

Edgard travelled throughout the Middle East for 6 months with refugees and migrants so he could experience their struggles. He experienced a roller coaster of emotions. But he has seen with his own eyes what is going on, and he hopes that he would be able to do something to help the refugees by sharing their struggles. What follows are their Traveling Thoughts pages illustrated by migrants and refugees Edgard met on his journey.